Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Amos has long been the king of nap time antics in this house, but after today he might have some serious competition.

A little background: Maggie has been taking off all of her clothes any time we leave her unattended, especially during nap/bed time.  After washing her bedding about a million times, I finally smarted up and bought her some one piece pajamas without feet.  (The footless part is important so that I can put them on backwards so she can't take them off).  So, today, all straight-jacketed up, I put her down for a nap.  About 20 minutes into nap time I heard some distressed crying.  I figured there was some drama with not being able to take her clothes off, so I went in to tell her she had to leave her clothes on.  Turned out, it had nothing to do with her clothes:

Yeah.  She had wanted to take that toy to bed with her.  I said no, but being new to parenting (?????) I left it within reach of her crib.  Well, she hoisted it up and over into the crib, and then managed to get stuck in the handle bars.  I have no idea how.  Her clothes were still on though.

I love that grimey little face =)


Andrea said...

awesome that you took pictures.
awesome that you thought of the straight jacket pj's.
not so awesome she got stuck.
. . .but kind of funny. does that make me a mean person?

Laura Horne said...

Not at all. Totally funny. I liked it a lot and I thought it was karma for all of the messes she's been making me clean up.

Kendra said...

Ha ha! That is awesome. I can't believe she actually got the toy up and over into her crib. Crazy. And good idea with the footless PJs!

Bruce said...

New to parenting??? How many children until you are an experienced to parenting? 5 or 6!!!

Kate said...

love it - my friend used to sew her daughter into her outfits at naptime... the duct tape didn't work. ah the fun!