Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And now, a post about stepping on glass

Like I said, I had a good story about stepping on glass I wanted to share...

Monday night Amos and Maggie were playing down in the playroom while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  They've been know to do some awful things when left unattended, so I was prepared for the worst when I went to check on them.  To my surprise nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I walked in the room.  Then, pain.  I lifted up my foot to see what I had stepped on and found a nice chunk of glass sticking out.  I pulled it out and then panicked.  Where could it possibly have come from?  My first thought was that they had broken one of the panes of glass in the french doors...again, I feared the worst as I rounded the corner.  Nope.  Windows all intact.  At this point, I noticed my foot was bleeding really bad and that I'd left a trail of blood across the family room.  Nice.  The sight of my own blood made me pretty queasy so I began the negotiations with Amos to get me a washcloth from the nearby bathroom.  I re-fold the washcloths 4 times a week after he and Maggie empty them out of the drawer, but now, when I actually needed him to get one, he had no idea what I was talking about.  3 year olds.  Eventually he seemed to catch on and ran off to the bathroom.  He returned with a single square of toilet paper.  SO helpful.  I eventually got the bleeding to stop and resumed my investigation.  The source of glass was by far my biggest concern.  Unfortunately, Amos seemed to grasp that I was trying to find whatever broke, and he spent the rest of the night bringing me everything he had ever broken.  At one point he told me it was the t.v., which thankfully it was not.  Then, he started telling me it was every lightbulb in the recessed lighting.  Thankfully it wasn't those either.  I still have no idea where the piece of glass came from, but I sure learned about a lot of other broken stuff.  I also determined our stainmaster carpet is worth every penny too.  
Photo courtesy of Nan and Pop

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Kendra said...

That's bizarre you don't know where it came from. And sorry about your foot, I'm sure it hurt. But Amos is hilarious and it was definitely a good story. :)