Monday, November 29, 2010

Home safe

And zonked out for the night.

The road is open!

And we got front row seats. Thank you for not having reliable information so we could be here for this.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, its a little late, but we're generally running behind around here.  I got the best of Thanksgiving this year, I didn't have to do any cooking, but I got to do all of the decorating.

Before I get to the pictures, some credits: Our camera recently died a horrible death (all my fault), so I'd like to thank my Dad for letting me borrow his camera to take some pictures.  He also supplied all of the the paper I used  for the table.  The printables came from Hostess with the Mostess (my BFF, although she doesn't know it).  My sister, Kate, came up with the idea for the trees and the leaves (well, she didn't invent trees or leaves, but you know what I mean).  And, finally, Eric who is always the best helper a girl could hope for.

And now, our Thanksgiving table:

I know the holidays can be a tough time, but I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you know how thankful our family is for all of you.  Be grateful ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It gets worse

This morning I woke up without being woken up by a child-a shocking occurrence in our house.  Amos is always up at the crack of dawn ready to go.  This morning though, he was still in his room.  I could hear him up and playing so I opened the door.  He was happy as can be, and told me, "Mama, I just playing with the trains." 

"What a creative little imagination," I thought, since there weren't any trains in his bedroom when I put him to bed last night.

Nope.  He was actually playing with trains.  He discovered more of his Christmas presents in the closet this morning and took the liberty of opening them up and playing with them. 

The real irony here is that one of those trains really is for Baby Audrey.  Thomas the Train makes "Early Engineer" trains and they are all squished down to look like baby trains.  I couldn't resist buying her one.

Amos was absolutely heartbroken when I took the toys back, but I think I might have been more heartbroken =( 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Santa Stinks

I've already discussed my inability to hide presents (and how I inherited it from my mom), but in case you didin't believe me, exhibit B:
That is Amos' Christmas present.  A train table.  After bringing it in off the front step where Fedex left it, I thought to myself:

"It's really heavy, why not leave it out in plain sight since it's all hidden by the shipping box?" 

So I did.  A little background here: Eric gets like a million boxes in the mail, so Amos sort of knows they're always for Dada.  Anyway, as I was making dinner the other night Amos came tearing into the kitchen lit up like a Christmas tree:

"Mama! Mama!  There's a train in Dada's box!"

Yeah.  My bad.

I tried to make up for it by telling him it was Baby Audrey's train.  I have no idea why I thought he'd believe me, or find that acceptable.  He was quick to point out that there was a boy playing with the train on the box, so it wasn't for a baby.  Seriously, I cannot trick a 3-year-old.

The box is in the garage now, hopefully forgotten until Christmas.

I Spy

Find the following: 1 sippy cup, 1 pink hard hat, and 1 2-year-old:
This story starts a lot like the "glass in the foot" story: last night Amos and Maggie were playing alone in the basement.  I was upstairs pumping (sorry for the visual, but I need you to know I was doing something important and immobilizing).  Amos came up and sat down beside me.

I thought to myself, "aw, that's sweet."

We watched t.v. for a couple minutes and then I thought, "wait a minute, where's Maggie?  It is really strange for them to separate."

So, I asked Amos where Maggie was and this was his answer: "Stuck up high."

UH????????  That's the kind of information you lead with buddy.

So, we ran downstairs and found this:

And the close-up to prove that it really is Maggie (since this seems much more like something Amos would do):

She was happy as can be hanging out up there.  And, yes, the playroom always looks like that.  It's like the caterpillar room on Toy Story 3.  Or whichever room it was at the daycare that gets trashed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And now, a post about stepping on glass

Like I said, I had a good story about stepping on glass I wanted to share...

Monday night Amos and Maggie were playing down in the playroom while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  They've been know to do some awful things when left unattended, so I was prepared for the worst when I went to check on them.  To my surprise nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I walked in the room.  Then, pain.  I lifted up my foot to see what I had stepped on and found a nice chunk of glass sticking out.  I pulled it out and then panicked.  Where could it possibly have come from?  My first thought was that they had broken one of the panes of glass in the french doors...again, I feared the worst as I rounded the corner.  Nope.  Windows all intact.  At this point, I noticed my foot was bleeding really bad and that I'd left a trail of blood across the family room.  Nice.  The sight of my own blood made me pretty queasy so I began the negotiations with Amos to get me a washcloth from the nearby bathroom.  I re-fold the washcloths 4 times a week after he and Maggie empty them out of the drawer, but now, when I actually needed him to get one, he had no idea what I was talking about.  3 year olds.  Eventually he seemed to catch on and ran off to the bathroom.  He returned with a single square of toilet paper.  SO helpful.  I eventually got the bleeding to stop and resumed my investigation.  The source of glass was by far my biggest concern.  Unfortunately, Amos seemed to grasp that I was trying to find whatever broke, and he spent the rest of the night bringing me everything he had ever broken.  At one point he told me it was the t.v., which thankfully it was not.  Then, he started telling me it was every lightbulb in the recessed lighting.  Thankfully it wasn't those either.  I still have no idea where the piece of glass came from, but I sure learned about a lot of other broken stuff.  I also determined our stainmaster carpet is worth every penny too.  
Photo courtesy of Nan and Pop

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And the livin' WAS easy

Nah, its not really that bad.  I've successfully made it through 2 whole days without Eric and I only have one more full day to go.

I had a great story from last night about stepping on a piece of glass and bleeding out all over our basement to share, but its totally been trumped by today's events.  I always take a unisom when Eric travels, and in spite of that, I woke up wide awake at 3 a.m. with a KILLER sore throat.  Newborn sleeping peacefully through the night, mama wide awake all night.  Not cool.

Since the boys just had their little stint with strep throat I headed straight to the doctor.  Unfortunately, so did a lot of other people.  After a 2 and a half hour wait, I got the prescription for antibiotics I needed.  I dropped it off at the pharmacy with every intention of picking it up on the way to Maggie's doctor appointment to test her for strep.  It took us much longer to get ready to go for Maggie's appt. than expected, so my drugs would have to wait.  Not a big deal since I would likely be back at the pharmacy with Maggie's prescription soon anyway.  

  Doctor's office exam room.

I won't bore you with the details of waiting forever at Maggie's appointment, waiting forever at the Costco pharmacy for Maggie's prescription, waiting forever at Walgreen's for my prescription, and then getting stuck at the train tracks with our house in sight, but it happened.  It was 7 p.m. by the time we got home, which, with the time change is like midnight to our kids, and we were all beat.  The kids had french fries, milkshakes, and antibiotics for dinner and then went right to bed.  It's almost 8:30 now, and I have taken at least one of every pill I could find in the house, so sleep should be near for me too =)

Note to self: NEVER title a blog post "the living is easy."

Friday, November 12, 2010

6 Weeks and the Livin' is Easy

Audrey Anne turned 6 weeks old today!  I LOVE the 6 week milestone.  I don't know why, but once they're 6 weeks old, I feel much more comfortable with my babies. 

Audrey at 6 weeks is still a perfect little angel.  I can't remember if I have said this before, but we are getting to enjoy her so much more than the other two.  Not that they weren't great, but with Amos I was so far out of my comfort zone it was crazy.  Then, with Maggie, there was Amos as a toddler.  I feel like this time we've gotten used to Amos and Maggie, so we have more time to be with Audrey just enjoying her.  I sit and hold her just because I want to.

Some fun facts about Audrey (and by association, her siblings):
  • Audrey is a sleeping champ.  Our kids might not have many genetic advantages in life, but being amazing sleepers is definitely one of them.
  • Audrey is indifferent toward binkies.  She doesn't hate them, but she doesn't love them.  Pretty much, she could take 'em or leave 'em.
  • Audrey has already fallen off of our bed and lived to tell the tale.
  • Audrey has been picked up and carried around by her brother without me knowing (and lived to tell the tale).
I have a feeling Audrey is going to live to tell a lot of tales.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Amos has long been the king of nap time antics in this house, but after today he might have some serious competition.

A little background: Maggie has been taking off all of her clothes any time we leave her unattended, especially during nap/bed time.  After washing her bedding about a million times, I finally smarted up and bought her some one piece pajamas without feet.  (The footless part is important so that I can put them on backwards so she can't take them off).  So, today, all straight-jacketed up, I put her down for a nap.  About 20 minutes into nap time I heard some distressed crying.  I figured there was some drama with not being able to take her clothes off, so I went in to tell her she had to leave her clothes on.  Turned out, it had nothing to do with her clothes:

Yeah.  She had wanted to take that toy to bed with her.  I said no, but being new to parenting (?????) I left it within reach of her crib.  Well, she hoisted it up and over into the crib, and then managed to get stuck in the handle bars.  I have no idea how.  Her clothes were still on though.

I love that grimey little face =)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Poor Maggie's birthday turned out to be a very small affair.  

We've been fighting sickness in our house for almost two weeks now, and it finally came to a head last night just around party time.  Amos has had a fever and temperature on and off for a while.  It's one of those things where every time I broke down and started to call the doctor he would perk up and seem healed.

Tuesday Eric came home from work sick and has been a wreck ever since.  Our lives fall apart when Dada is not around to help and by last night we had all had enough.  Amos threw an ornery fit (one of his worst symptoms) and fell asleep.  Eric went to the instacare to be diagnosed.  Audrey slept in her swing.  Maggie and I ate soup.  Eventually, Eric came home and Amos woke up.  We opened presents and sang.  We didn't eat any cake though.  Eric "I have strep throat" Horne helped Maggie blow out the candles.  Yep.  Turns out the boys have strep throat.  They are both on antibiotics now, and we're relieved to have some relief in sight.  Still no cake though.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Princess Maggie turns two today!  Last night I was telling Eric that I feel like she's turned into such a funny girl while I wasn't watching.  She is a quirky little thing.  She loves to just wander around aimlessly getting into things.  She also LOVES to dress herself.  Bloomers, socks, and skirts are her favorites.  Maggie idolizes Amos and always tries to keep up with him.  She is definitely not afraid to stand up to him either.  She seems a little hesitant when it comes to baby Audrey, but I think its just because she's nervous.  When I least expect it, she does something totally helpful for Audrey, like bringing her binky or blankie to her.  We're so lucky to have Maggie as a part of our family.  She definitely keeps us laughing. 

 Happy Birthday Princess Maggie!

Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm sure you've probably noticed, but Amos' hair has gotten quite long.  Eric has been ready to cut it for a while, but I wasn't there yet.  Lately though, it had gotten to the point where it was bothering him, and he had started to ask for a haircut.  So, we gave the boy what he wanted.


Mostly I hate cutting his hair because it makes him look SO old.  He loves it though.  He keeps climbing up on the table so he can see in the mirror.  He just stands there admiring himself.  

Halloween 2010

I can't believe Halloween has come and gone.  The first month of Audrey's life has got to be the fastest month ever!  We had a good Halloween.  On Friday afternoon, we hit the party at Eric's work, and then it was right to our ward Trunk-or-Treat.  The kids had fun and we managed to minimize the candy they got and then made the rest disappear =)  (note: I am not opposed to children eating massive amounts of candy, unless they're my kids and it makes them WILD).

Amos went as Thomas the Train.  He was sort of wishy washy about the costume when we picked it out, but by party time he was thrilled to be Thomas.  It didn't hurt that the costume talked too.  He liked pushing the button so everyone could hear.

Maggie had no say in her costume.  She obviously didn't grasp the concept of a "50s girl," but a pink twirly skirt was all she needed to be happy.

I had a costume for Audrey to wear, but we never got it on her.  She was such a sleepy little thing, we weren't going to wake her up to put it on.  She did rock the "baby's 1st Halloween" onesie though.

Saturday night we went to In & Out, then passed out candy.  We don't get many trick or treaters, so its become sort of a tradition to spend Halloween night at home taking down Halloween decorations and transitioning to fall/Thanksgiving.  Its all just build-up for Christmas anyway, so bring on the next holiday!