Monday, October 11, 2010


Nana/Grammy and Pop Pop Horne left yesterday after a week of taking excellent care of us.  As part of our "thank you" to them, I am going to post at least one grandkid-centric blog every day this week. 

I can't think of a better place to start than with "Super."  While Nan and Pop were here, they took Amos and Maggie to a variety of activities at our local library.  One day it was a puppet show with a super hero in it.  Amos was particularly impressed, and has been playing "Super" ever since.  We are not allowed to call him "Super Man," "Super Boy," "Super Amos," or anything else, just "Super."

"Super" is very hard to photograph.  He's very secretive and elusive, much like his fellow super heroes.

Super's costume definitely consists of a pair of sunglasses and his blankie as a cape (Halloween is going to be easy this year):

And, Super is always careful to watch out for the innocent citizens.  He yells, "watch out, Aggie!" every time he whizzes by her:

A Super blur:

Thanks again Nan and Pop, for a super time!

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Bruce said...

This helps with the transition. Thank you.