Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moses Basket

Amos and Maggie L-O-V-E to check out baby Audrey.  So far, she sleeps a lot in her basket.  So, so far, Amos and Maggie spend a lot of time peering over the edges of said basket:

We got the basket for Amos, and he lived in it until he was a couple months old.  I was too afraid to use it with Maggie, because I thought Amos might tip her out or something.  Since the kids are older now, I figured we wouldn't have any problems.  They've been very respectful when Audrey is in the basket, but when she's out, that's a whole other story:

Speaking of a whole other story...the other night as Eric carried Audrey down the stairs in the basket, it reminded me of a time when he was carrying Amos down the stairs in the same basket.  That time Eric tripped and dropped the basket.  Amos, basket, and all went sledding down the stairs.  It was awesome. 

**My apologies for the quality of the first couple photos.  As you can probably surmise, I had the camera on the wrong settings.

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Stephanie said...

LOVE the basket. Way cute.