Saturday, October 9, 2010

Amos' Birthday

Last Sunday was Amos' third birthday.  Since we were still at the hospital with Audrey until dinner time, Nan and Pop took over the celebration planning.  They did an awesome job and he had a great party. 

Amos was totally ready to blow out the candles:

Eating the cake:


Opening presents:

Audrey and Nan:

It was a great night to come home to, and our first event as a family of five!  I still can't believe it.


deveney said...

a family of five??? of my goodness girl, when you say it like that is sounds huge! of course you are a fabulous momma and can totally handle it:) have fun with your newest addition:)

Chris and Paige Bell said...

Wow. That means 3 kids in less than 3 years. Whew. You are amazing. Happy Birthday Amos!