Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today we had the saddest and funniest potty training moment by far.

Amos is doing a stellar job and is "tinkle trained."  He's also made the jump to the big toilet (i.e. not the "potty").  It is a crack-up to see him sit there and he loves to say he's just like Dada =)  Along with the big toilet comes flushing, and he really likes that part.  He and Maggie usually get together and peek over the edge and say "bye, bye tinkles!" as the water swirls away.  Well, today they were doing just that when Amos accidentally dropped his underwear into the toilet.  The timing was impeccable and it whooshed right away.  He lunged for it, but it was gone in a flash.  He was heartbroken.  I have never seen him wail so hard. I guess that loving relationship with underwear I worked so hard to cultivate is real.  Hopefully he'll forgive the toilet soon.

Now let's just hope the toilet isn't clogged...

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Sean and Amy said...

Best post ever. I'm so glad that I get to read about these moments on your blog!