Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Training Day

Ah, the inevitable potty training post.  I have two toddlers, what did you expect?

Let's see, where to begin?  Potty training has been in the back of my mind for a long time.  The way back.  With all of the trips/visitors/crazy schedules I just kept putting it off until we had time to really focus on it.  We tried for one day in June, but then booked another trip the next week and decided we didn't have enough time to really follow through.  In June, we made it as far as Amos sitting on the toilet making farting noises.  With his mouth.  Maggie sat on the toilet and clapped.

That brings us to today.  With New Baby Horne 2.0 arriving shortly, I decided now is the time.  Potty training seems way less painful than having three kids in diapers.  I think.  So, last night Amos and I went on a special trip to the store.  He picked out his own underwear and his own reward (popsicles).  He carried them all through the store, to the car, and then raced in the house to show Dada.  A very promising start if you ask me.

This morning was another story.  He was still so excited about his underwear, but not so excited about sitting on the toilet.  He had 4 accidents without even seeming to notice.  I was pretty overwhelmed by the afternoon when he refused to try at all.  I took away his underwear as punishment.  He actually was really sad about that, and sat on the toilet so he could have his underwear back.  At one point, he sat on the toilet "trying" for 10 minutes without ever going.  He went a minute later in the bath.

In the meantime...I had decided to try with just Amos, so I could really focus on him and then move on to Maggie.  Well, Maggie wasn't having any of that.  She spent all morning with a pair of Amos' underwear on over her diaper (that she put there herself).  I finally gave in and let her wear underwear.  Every time I put Amos on the toilet she insisted on trying too.  I figured there's no harm in that.  Then, just before Eric got home from work, Maggie jumped up from trying and said, "I did it!"  Sure enough, she did it.  We were still celebrating when Eric walked in the door.

So, Maggie became the first popsicle recipient.

She even picked Amos' favorite color =P

I don't know if this guy will ever live it down that his sister went on the potty before he did.  And, he's still making farting noises with his mouth. 

I can't wait to wake up and do it all again tomorrow...I should be the one to get to pick out whatever treat I want at the store.


Andrea said...

i realize i do not have children of my own so i may seem odd that i am commenting on this post. . . but hang in there. My nephew didn't want to for a while and then something just clicked and he thought it was the greatest thing.
. . . and i totally think you should get a treat or 10.
good luck.
and way to go maggie. :)

Kendra said...

Good luck Laura! That's awesome that Maggie went! Maybe she will help encourage Amos to follow in her footsteps. :)

Laura Horne said...

Thanks girls!

Maggie has had two more successes...Amos is still working on it.

Here's to sibling pressure!