Thursday, September 23, 2010


We are barely hanging in there these past couple weeks.  I am totally physically spent and the kids have been a little under the weather, making them very needy.  Needy kids + needy mom = bad.  We have still managed to find some activities that work for all of us though.  Painting is the #1 favorite.  I get to sit there and watch, and the kids love it.  Its pretty cute too...
Amos likes to paint lots of "mamas" "dadas" and "train tracks." 

Maggie just sings: "brush, brush, brush" as she paints.

And, yes, all of the colors are black at this point. 


Anonymous said...

Oh man- I wish I lived closer! I would totally take them off your hands for a few hours and you could go get a pedicure. Hang in there!

julie said...

Thank you for that comment! I really needed it.