Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Boise

Last weekend we finally planned ahead and thought to head to Boise for the long weekend.  It never fails on three day weekends that we're sitting at home bored thinking, why didn't we go to Boise?  Anyway, this time we did it and we didn't get bored.  Not for one second.

The cousins have more and more fun everytime they get together.  It is so fun to see them get along.  They spent hours riding their "bikes" around the pool.

They had races:
And, naturally, they jumped off cars:

 Amos perfected "crash-up":

Eric perfected the relaxation station:

And I perfected the pregnancy good night sleep drug cocktail (2 tums, 3 tylenol, 1 unisom):
We missed them a lot, but for some reason it felt like the Sookhoos were with us the whole time:
One last shot of the "little" cousins:
Thanks to the family for so much fun!

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