Friday, September 17, 2010

Amos Monkey

A few weeks ago, when we were visiting my parents for Labor Day, Grammy was entertaining Amos with drawings during Sacrament meeting.  Amos was making requests, and Grammy was filling them.  At one point Amos changed his request mid-stream and Grammy accommodated, resulting in the "Amos Monkey":
Does that guy look familiar?  Yeah, we giggled a lot.  Eric was totally appalled that we would be so irreverent during the Sacrament.  Amos is still requesting lots of "Amos Monkeys" and I am not doing the original any justice at all.  Amos still likes them though. 

Grammy is just glad she didn't totally traumatize him.


Anonymous said...

Your mom is a good artist!

Laura Horne said...

Good for a crayon, right?