Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 Days

Today was our 7th day of potty training.  Its been a very long 7 days.  There have been lots of good moments, but there have been lots of bad moments too.  I've cried a few times, and seriously contemplated quitting.

I'm sorry if you're super sick of hearing about this, but I thought I'd share some things I've learned just in case they might help someone else.

1. For us, its been a very "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" situation (otherwise known as trial and error). 

2. Don't read too much on the Internet.  Its good to get some ideas and tips, but you can drive yourself crazy.  They really don't make a surefire way to be a parent.

3. Excitement/happiness/peppy attitude really is required. 

4. Don't take the accidents personally.  I took it really hard when Amos and Maggie had/have accidents, but its really not about me.  At all.

5. Every day is a new day.

And now, because this is what I want to remember from all this, an Amosism:

Amos and I have been talking about holding it and he seemed to understand.  A couple days ago he came up stairs and told me he had to go.  I asked if he was "holding it" and he said, "yeah, see."  He was holding his tummy, thinking that was holding it in.  He did good, but we had another discussion about "holding it."  Well, today he came upstairs again, only this time he was literally holding it.  Yep, poop in his hand.  Holding it.


Kendra said...

Oh wow. That is something I am not looking forward to...the holding, touching, playing with poop thing...maybe potty training as well too. You are a trooper. Keep at it! I know you can do it and you'll be so much happier when it's done as well! :)

Bruce said...

I never get tired hearing about the grandchildren-the stories you share are great and I'm still chuckling after reading your post.

julie said...

Oh my. I think I might wait awhile before I try to potty train Ammon. You are brave to battle TWO and be pregnant too. WOW. Good luck "holding it"

Andrea said...

i realize that it isn't "funny" but i laughed quite a bit at the "holding it"!
hang in there.

Party of Four said...

Oh, wow. I am in the same boat, sister! Potty training just sucks sometimes. Oh wait, most of the time. I'll pray for you if you pray for me? :) They have to eventually get it, don't they? Let's hope us mom's don't go nuts before then :) and ps- major props to you for doing both kids at once! you're supermom.