Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know, I've been a bad blogger.  I have been a very good mother and wife though =)  I've been busy keeping up with all things domestic (which is so hard for me!).  Truthfully, I don't have a domestic bone in my body.  I really don't know what Eric was thinking when he married me.  I didn't bring much to the table aside from some takeout menus.

Last month I started planning a monthly menu and sticking to it.  I think we only ate out 4 times, which is a miracle!  We've had some really good meals, and some not so good ones.  I am learning a lot though.  This also fits in with my New Year's Resolution to challenge myself.  If you're laughing because cooking dinner each night should not be challenging, well, boo to you.

**One of our favorite meals came from the cover of the Real Simple last month.  Yes, it was a "spectacular three ingredient recipe."  Baby steps.

Its a good thing the kids are young, so they won't remember all this learning.  By the time they can remember, I'll always have been Martha Stewart =)


Kendra said...

Hey, I think that's awesome! Miles is lucky if I've even showered and gotten dressed by the time he gets home. Dinner? Yeah...that's REAL lucky. Way to hone in on your inner domestic goddess. :)

Anonymous said...

With just the two of us (for now!), and my husband working late five nights out of the week, I rarely cook, either! I only have like three "specialties." - All very easy...I will e-mail them to you if you want!

Laura Horne said...

Ooh, Annie, definitely hook me up! I am always open to recipes. I can't do it without them.