Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Sleeping Situation

We're still working on the whole shared room situation.  Amos and Maggie absolutely love it, but they're not sleeping enough at all.  They play until they drop at night, and then they wake up crazy early and start playing some more =(
Maggie has been temporarily relocated back to her crib...she's taking it ok.  Amos is pretty heartbroken that we took his buddy away though.

Amos has been crashing during his nap time every afternoon.  We have to wake him up for dinner, which makes him a super pleasant dinner guest.

**Amos doesn't always sleep with a Faith Hill cd booklet.  He thinks that's "Mama" in the picture though =)

We're thinking our next experiment will be to put Maggie in a crib (as opposed to toddler bed) in the same room with Amos.  If she can't run around like a hooligan they might settle down sooner.  Might. 

Either way, we have enough baby/toddler furniture to stock a day care now.  Oh wait, soon we'll have enough babies/toddlers to be a daycare.

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Kendra said...

But with all that trouble, isn't it nice to know tour kids love each other and want to play together? :) AND, it must be nice that Amos mistakes faith hill for you. That's an ego booster! :)