Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eric is Awesome

(but you knew that).

Seriously though, do you read People Magazine?  No?  Us either.  BUT, the company that Eric works for ( got a page mention in the current edition (that one, up there, with Elin on the cover).  AND, it happens to be for a project that Eric was the product manager for (read: in charge of). 

On a side note, in a recent survey that asked "the Horne family member most likely to be directly associated with an article in People Magazine" 0 out of 10 people chose Eric =) 

Seriously though, our Dada works hard and we're proud of him.


Andrea said...

awesome eric!

Anonymous said...

I love People magazine! My subscription is one of my few guilty pleasures. I totally read that article that weekend. To think that I know the guy that had something to do with it. VERY cool! Eric IS awesome!! :)