Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're back!  I had a great week at Girls' Camp (post to come), fought off a wicked 24 hour flu bug (no post on that, sorry), and settled back in at home (read: 24 hour laundromat).  After all of that, Eric and I felt up to a little more excitement tonight: moving Amos and Maggie in together. 
Yup, they're sharing a room.  We've been practicing and they've officially spent two nights together, but this is the first night with Maggie's new bed.

We've got a lot of work to do on the set up of the room, but that's the fun part.  Hopefully next weekend we'll get them all organized and settled. 

Amos running wild with excitement:

So far, we've been hearing a lot of playing coming from their room, but we're hoping the excitement will all wear off soon (at least before the new baby comes). 

And, live action:


Bruce said...

Why do I keep watching that video? It's like watching a NASCAR crash after you know that everyone is okay.

Meg Shaver said...

Dude! That video is awesome! ha ha I can't wait to come see it sunday! :)