Thursday, August 19, 2010


Things have been quiet around here.  I am 33+ weeks pregnant now (between 33 and 34 weeks).  Today we had a good check-up with the doctor.  He said that another half week and he won't stop labor if it starts on its own.  Wild!  I don't think this baby is coming early, because if she's anything like the other two we'll have to force her out, but its crazy to think it could happen so soon.

On another note...on the way home from the babysitter Amos kept asking my why I went to the doctor.  I was a little distracted, and I told him so I could check on baby "Maggie."  He thought it was so funny, and said, "not baby "Maggie," baby "Audrey!"  He gets it.  

I probably should include a picture of myself with this post, but I think I've passed the point of photographing with this pregnancy =)   


Kendra said...

Yay! That's so exciting. And we need to get together soon before your life gets all hectic again...well, more hectic than it is. ;)

Meg Shaver said...

oh how fun! I can't wait for baby Audrey! Weird to think it could happen anytime now!