Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Third Trimester

Today I officially entered the third trimester.  Its amazing really, how quickly and slowly this pregnancy has gone by at the same time.

I haven't talked too much about this pregnancy, not like I did with Amos or anything, so I just wanted this baby to know that we are thinking of her.  All the time.  Eric can't wait for another princess.

Amos talks about her a lot too.  He's decided he has a baby Audrey in his tummy now. 

And, I may have started to nest.  I just cleaned that window for the first time in two years.  I even got the ladder out and did it from the outside.


Kendra said...

Yay for nesting! And yay for baby Audrey. You know what they say...third time's a charm!

MIke, Denise and Alia said...

We are super close then. Are you due October 13th?? I got into my third trimester on Tues. I am due October 12th. that's funny! I am glad everything is going well!

Laura Denner said...

Sometimes I forget that you are pregnant and then I read the blog and am excited all over again. Maybe you guys will have a little brunette baby this time ;) I am keeping my fingers crossed, since they are sooooo much fun!

Laura Horne said...

Hey Denise, we are due date is October 6th, though I think we'll induce on September 29th (for the better birthstone and all).