Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Dada's First Race Car Show"

i.e. British Field Day.

This morning we headed up to Salt Lake for Eric's first British Field Day.  Amos was so excited to see all of the "race cars" and Eric was so excited to see all of the other MG Bs and their owners. 

We weren't expecting it, but there were actually cars racing on a "track."  There was only one course set up, so the Minis, MGs, Lotuses, and Land Rovers all ran the same course.  It was awesome watching the Land Rovers make three point turns where the Minis barely had to turn their wheels.  The Lotus wasn't so bad either:

We watched the Lotus' first run where he learned the course.  We were a little worried he wasn't going to open it up.  After about 8 runs of him at full throttle, it occurred to us that one doesn't buy a Lotus if one doesn't intend to open it up. 

Proof I was there (and that I am huge, no wonder its so hard to get in and out of chairs):

The rest of the time we watched Eric do this:

And, I made the family take their picture with the goofiest looking car there.  Not even sure what it is:

My favorite car.  Yes, because its green and has a "frogy" vanity plate and has a frog behind the wheel:

The kids were also super stoked about the star stamps they got on their hands to show that we "belonged":

As luck would have it, Eric's super awesome vanity plate was waiting for us in the mailbox when we got home.  It missed the show by hours =(

Don't worry, now we're watching Mecum Car Auctions on t.v. and Amos wants them all...


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Kate said...

I think that is Bug-Eyed Sprite - Dad used to have a black one. Looks like fun.

Laura Horne said...

"Bug-eyed Sprite" definitely seems to fit =)