Thursday, July 8, 2010


Amos has started saying some really funny things:

1. "I need to take a shower to clean my dirty butt."
Where does he learn these things?  On a similiar note, the other day while he was in the shower he said, "Watch!" and he pressed his little bum up to the glass and wiggled it all around.  Seriously, where does he learn these things?
2. "Stop it talking to me!" (i.e. stop talking to him)
This morning I woke up to Maggie calling Amos' name from her room.  He was yelling back from his room "Stop it talking to AMOS!"
3. "Momma has a baby in her tummy.  Dada helped."
Technically true.
4. "Dada's workin' makin' monies to put in my pig."
He thinks Eric goes to work to make money to put in his piggy bank.  If you leave any loose change around the house, you can bet it'll be in his bank the next time you go looking for it.
5. Yesterday I caught him in his room with a hymn book singing: "Aaaaammmmooooosss, Aaaaaaammmmoooossss."


Andrea said...

so many levels of awesome.

Party of Four said...

#4 is my favorite.

Dave&Britni said...

So, so, sooo funny!! And it looks like the rest of your holiday was fun too. It's so great to have grandparents visit!

Kendra said...

Hilarious! All of those made me laugh really hard. I love that kid!