Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alpine Slides

Last Thursday we fulfilled a dream of Pop's: a trip to the Alpine Slides in Park City.  Ok, I don't think it was really a dream, but he saw them on t.v. and thought they looked neat.  So, we went.

I, for one, wasn't sure Amos was ready for the slides.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  He cried when we made him leave.

The boys on the lift to ride up to the slides:
First run:
Second run:

Running to do it again!:

Maggie wasn't old enough for the slides, so she hung out with the girls and waited for the boys to come down. 

Both of the kids really enjoyed the other things to do there too:

It was a great day in Park City.  We finished the adventure with dinner at Zoom.  You may remember that Eric and I had our first date there, and I have to say it was super weird (in a good way) sitting just a few feet away from the table where we sat on that night at a much bigger table with our kids.

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