Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10th of July BBQ

Last Saturday we held our Second Annual Christmas in July BBQ.  Yes, it was only the second year, but we carried on the tradition in high style.  All of the original founding families were there-Hornes, Downs, and Seeleys, plus a few new ones. 

Since we found out last minute that fireworks weren't allowed on the 10th, we decided to replace water with fire.  The kids loved the water balloons:

The kids' favorite target was my garden gnome, Edward =(  (All of my garden gnomes are named after Thomas the Train characters, NOT Twilight characters):

 All of Maggie's babysitters were there.  She latched onto them and I never saw her the whole night:

The kids made ornaments and decorated the trees:

And, the Hornes, at the end of the party (the flash was hurting Eric's eyes):

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