Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Safe

The kids and I made the "long" drive home from Boise today.  It took so much longer than usual, but we made it no problem.  Amos talked for 6 hours straight, except for when he and Maggie got into a battle to the death over the turtle backpack, at which point he was screaming:

As was Maggie:

They fought from Burley to Snowville...It was totally worth a week off though =) 


Amy J said...

Hi Laura-I've been in search of the turtle backpack in your picture. Do you happen to know what the brand is? Thanks so much and sorry to bother you.

Laura Horne said...

Hi Amy,

No bother at all-it's pottery barn kids, circa 2010. Maybe there are some still floating around eBay?