Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was working on a project for Eric the other night that had me looking through The Stephenson family; a genealogical sketch of the Stephenson family from Henry Stephenson of Scotland, to the present time (1906).  As I was reading through it, the very last paragraph on the very last page caught my eye:
He makes good crops.
He is a highly respected citizen. He has a most excellent
wife and beautiful children. They are noble
descendants of well known ancestors. They are a
happy family.

How very cool.  In case it's not clear, the book is a family history of "The Stephenson Family" and this paragraph is about one of its many members.  What an amazing record to leave behind.  You all know I am proud of my blog books (volume 2 should be arriving in the mail tomorrow!!), but reading this makes it even more real.  Who knows, maybe in 100 years some random will be reading about "The Horne Family."  Let's be honest, I've seen my blog's traffic, there are some randoms reading now =)


Andrea said...

that's awesome!i think about that kind of stuff sometimes too when i blog. . . or have read other family history books.
good job on finishing the blog book. can't wait to see it.

Megan said...

I am not random. ;)Megan

Laura Horne said...

Love it, Megan! Welcome :)