Sunday, June 13, 2010

The British are Coming...

...or, better yet, it's the British invasion:

We adopted a new family member this weekend: a happy, bouncing '63 MG B from Papa Shaver's collection.

Amos and Eric are absolutely thrilled and have already been for their maiden voyage.

I will not confirm or deny the fact that Eric made us eat lunch with the garage door open so he could look at the car while we ate...I think if it fit through the door he would bring it in the house.

It's going to be a whole new world of British car clubs, MG runs, and lots of bonding time for the boys (Papa Shaver included) and the girls are already thrilled about being left behind:


Andrea said...

my mom had that car and I LOVED IT! (her's was a bit "newer") she bought it right after she got out of college and began teaching - she got it for 3,000 bucks. to this day i am sad she ever got rid of it. . . and so is she.
I'm jealous!
have fun.

Laura Horne said...

Once in the British car family, always in the British car family. Free rides anytime you're in town =)

Anonymous said...

SO awesome!!