Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out with the old... with the less old.
I spent all weekend clearing out my closet to make room for my maternity clothes.  Its no secret that my weight has been fluctuating dramatically over the last couple years, and I have clothes in a ridiculous variety of sizes.  I cleared out my closet for good, in hopes that next year, after this baby, I'll get things under control and get a new wardrobe =)  I am definitely looking forward to ditching my maternity clothes for good too.


deveney said...

if laura horne is giving away clothes, sign me up to get them! you have the cutest style, way to clean out-that always feels good:) (shh, i might be coming to utah in the next month or two!)

Kelli said...

You'll get there mama! Working towards a new wardrobe is ALWAYS good motivation though:) I think you look adorable pregnant, so love it while you've got it!