Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello May.

Uh, where did April go?  There isn't much downtime with two toddlers, and it makes time FLY.  Even if we happen to find ourselves with some downtime, we end up scrambling looking for something to do to keep the kids entertained so we don't all go bonkers.

Last week, we found ourselves racing to Provo Towne Center to see if we could make a showing of "How to Train Your Dragon."  We made it.  We enjoyed it.  Amos has been asking to watch "moonmies" ever since. 

When we can't figure out what to do, we give the kids a time consuming snack.  Like pudding.

It takes them forever to eat it, and then it takes me forever to clean it up.  Documenting it consumes a little time too.

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Nancy said...

Wow Maggie makes pudding look so delicious! I think I'll make myself some.