Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Two Amigos

Amos and Maggie have really turned a corner when it comes to getting along.  They are pretty much inseparable these days.

The other day during breakfast Amos pushed his chair over to Maggie's high chair.  They shared her tray and had a cozy little time eating yogurt.

Amos still gets two plates of everything.  Notice the two bananas and two plates of almonds:

My apologies if you've eaten something I cooked on my stove at my house recently...

They love going for walks.  They've started climbing into the stroller whether its walk time or not.  I find them in the garage ready to go waiting for me:

Finally, when will I learn that when they disappear and go quiet it is never a good thing?:

With Maggie's help Amos can do twice the damage.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the posting and great pics. Always love seeing Amos and Maggie's adventures. There will be a lot more now that they're teamed up together. : )