Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Then There's Aggie

Super Sandwich was so tired yesterday because he got to play at the McDonald's playplace for an hour and a half.  The long duration of our stay was caused entirely by my desire for Maggie to come down from the top of the playplace by herself.

She did not.  I had to go in, all the way to the top, to get her.  SICK.


M,W, and CJ said...

I once watched my daughter LICK the slide at a fast food play place as she came down it- head first. My fist thought was to bleach her toungue. Don't worry- I didn't. Just gave her a vitamin and prayed that she didn't get any horrible awful disease, and luckily she came through just fine. But I was really worried for like, 3 weeks. Anyway, I feel your pain about the sick-ness of the whole playland atmosphere. :)

deveney said...

nasty! i hope you all sanitized afterwards:)