Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Sandwich

Amos has a shirt that he wears that says the word "super" followed by a picture of a sandwich.  It's one of my favorite shirts EVER.  You're supposed to look at it and think "Super Hero" (hero is another word for sandwich), but no one ever does.

I really enjoy hearing intelligent people say things like,

"I don't get it? Super hoagie?"  (Who uses the word hoagie!?!).


"I thought it was like the restaurant 'Souper Sandwich'."

Anyway, Super Sandwich sat still long enough to fall asleep today.  In his stroller, in the garage, nonetheless.


Andrea said...

haha! i was totally one of those people who looked at that shirt and didn't get it. . .

Laura Horne said...

Seriously, no one has ever gotten it. Don't worry about =)