Friday, April 30, 2010


Last week we got a very exciting letter on our front door: Maggie's introduction and invitation to NURSERY!

When children turn 18 months old in our church, they get to go to nursery for the last two hours of church.  As you might imagine, this is a huge relief to parents who now have two childless hours to go about their church responsibilities.

When Amos went to nursery I was a little sad.  It meant he was getting so big and wasn't my baby anymore.  With Maggie, however, I am thrilled!  She is a cute distraction, but she is a distraction.

Maggie's first official Sunday in nursery is May 9, but she's been a couple times to test the water.  Here she is testing out snack time:

she's in the middle on the left.

Amos loves "nursh-ree" and we're hoping Maggie will too.

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Bruce said...

My little princess looks so grown up.