Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. George

Two years ago my parents and I took our first trip to St. George.  Amos was just a little guy and Maggie was a fetus.  (You can read about that trip here.)  We decided it was time for another trip, so we took our second trip this week.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures in St. George, and I am really sad I didn't get a picture of "The Pink Sausage" (Maggie in her swimsuit).  We'll almost certainly recreate that for the photo op someday next week...I am also really sad I didn't get any pictures of "The Pink Sausage" swimming, because she learned how to use floaties and she became the cutest human bobber ever.  Next time.  Next time.

What did I take pictures of you ask?  Our trip the park:
That's a wrap for this week. 


Dave&Britni said...

I haven't been reading for a while and I just read all about your trip. The pictures are so cute!! I love the ones of Amos "helping" mom the floor, priceless!

Laura Denner said...

The first picture of Maggie on the swing smiling so big is priceless! Your pictures turned out great! I wish I got to travel as much as you guys, it looks like you have so much fun as a family.