Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Amos and Maggie are growing up so fast.  Even though our days are sometimes very exhausting and difficult, I know I am going to miss them tremendously when they're all grown up.  I try to focus on all of the good/cute/smart/funny things the kids do, to make all of our days a little better.

So, for today, here are a few things I want to remember about the kids...

1. When he gets any kind of food for himself from the kitchen he ALWAYS gets a second banana, plate of goldfish, etc. for Maggie.  He doesn't share his food, but he makes sure she has her own.

2. He's started to play "airplane."  He spreads his arms and flies all over the place.

3. He watches a show called "Jungle Junction" with an elephant on it.  He calls all elephants "Junction."

4. He knows what kind of cars people drive.  Every blue Camry on the road is Meg and every silver Mitsubishi is Dada.

5. He sneaks food into his bedroom for nap time.  He hides food under his bed and then makes all kinds of messes with it while he's supposed to be sleeping.

6. His favorite phrase is "Let's go Aggie" (which means he's about to lead her off to get into trouble somewhere).

1. Is a kissing machine.  She loves to kiss her Mama, Dada, and babies.

2. She is an absolute Dada's girl.  She owns him.

3. She likes to dress like a Chippendale dancer (in only her diaper, with one accessory).

4. She loves the water.  She plays in the bath and shower for hours.

5. She loves Amos and would follow him anywhere.

Now, believe me, it is not all flowers and sunshine between these two, but when they are getting along, they are the best of friends. 


M,W, and CJ said...

So darling. Here's hoping CJ starts loving her brother a little more too. :) Even if it's not always roses and sunshine, atleast there are some moments that are, huh?

Anna Shaver said...

I love the one shoe on and the one shoe off- that's so Maggie. I am glad that she's Maggie through and through. Good blog post.