Friday, March 5, 2010

Park City

Last weekend my parents came for a visit and we spent Friday night with them in Park City.  We stayed at the Peaks hotel (thought of you the whole time, Annie) and had a great time utilizing the indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub. 

Maggie really surprised all of us with her bravery in the water.  I didn't even put her swimsuit on her because I thought she would be in and out of the pool so fast it wouldn't be worth the effort.  Maggie was a little fish and happy as a clam in the water.

Amos also did well in the water, he's gotten really good at using the floaties.  Its nice to have him as a free agent.

After swimming, we headed back to our rooms for some Olympics watching and snuggling in bed.


Anonymous said...

Awww, shucks! :) I hope you got cookies when you checked in!!

Laura Horne said...

We didn't get any when we checked in, but they did bring cookies and hot chocolate by our room later. It was so good.