Monday, March 22, 2010

Climbing Chairs

Maggie has learned to climb up chairs.  Its a whole new world of counter exploring for her these days.  She can't move the chairs yet, but Amos does it for her.  He's such a good helper.

(please disregard the pile of dishes)

The only real excitement so far was when Maggie made the mistake of climbing up a chair Amos was already on.  She won't do that again!


Bruce said...

Didn't even notice the dishes until reading your caption. How could anyone not have their entire focus on Mountaineer Maggie.

Laura Horne said...

Please! That pile of dishes is bigger than she is =(

deveney said...

maggie is so cute! she is getting big. paisley is also all over everything now-it is near impossible to accomplish much these days:)