Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Babies and Trucks

I finally got around to pulling out our Easter decorations today. I really wasn't going to do it, but not having anything out made me sad.  Eric got so embarrassed that the Valentine's Day decorations were still up that he took those down himself last weekend, so at least I had a blank slate to start with.

As I pulled out the decorations, Maggie yelled, "Babies!" and Amos yelled, "Truck!" and then I had nothing left to decorate with...

...they're bound to get bored with them at some point, and then I'll have my decorations back.


EHorne said...

If I recall... these were all Easter gifts from the Grandparents last year.

Anna Shaver said...

Ha! I am surprised Amos is letting Maggie wear his hat. No fights over that?