Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still a Good Cause

Remember this?  My friend Kelli is still working very hard to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Go here to donate and help her (and a lot of people) out.

And, go here to read her blog about her progress.

It's a new month since I last mentioned this, so maybe there's more room in the budget this month?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amos and Mack

Have you seen the Cars movie? Uh, we've seen it (or at least part of it) once a day for about two months.  I am a little concerned Amos has started to quote it.  Like, when he's watching it, he says what they're saying at the same exact moment!  Ah!

In case you haven't seen the movie, this is "Mack":
Mack is the truck that transports Lightning McQueen around in his trailer.  Amos has now named his firetruck "Mack."  He drives Mack around with a matchbox car on its back which he calls "McKeen."  More often than not, Amos takes Mack everywhere he goes.  He refuses to take naps or go to bed without Mack.  I guess Mack is almost like his first pet (and the closest thing he's EVER getting to a pet).

Amos and Mack:

Oh, Disney, and the dangerous power it has over children.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Climbing Chairs

Maggie has learned to climb up chairs.  Its a whole new world of counter exploring for her these days.  She can't move the chairs yet, but Amos does it for her.  He's such a good helper.

(please disregard the pile of dishes)

The only real excitement so far was when Maggie made the mistake of climbing up a chair Amos was already on.  She won't do that again!

Amos House

This weekend while we were playing as a family, Eric got the idea to turn Amos' bed into a fort.  Amos thinks it's the coolest thing that has ever happened.  He calls it "Amos House" and he has actually been sleeping in his bed at night.

He has been asking to take naps in "Amos House."  We had some friends over for dinner last night, and at one point, we noticed it had gotten very quiet.  We found Amos, Maggie, and their little girl all playing in "Amos House."

I tried to get a picture of Amos on the inside, but I don't know how it will show up on your computer...it's pretty dark in "Amos House":

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boom Boom does timeout

I've been thinking for a couple weeks now that Maggie is probably ready for timeout.  She's getting a little sass in her pants, and I prefer to nip that kind of thing in the bud.  I'd asked her a couple times if she needed to go to timeout, and both times Amos yelled, "No, my timeout!"  Awesome, he's even possessive over timeout.  On this day, however, Maggie was in trouble for stealing one of Amos' trucks, and he was more than willing to share timeout (not the truck).

So, Maggie went to timeout.  She was absolutely heartbroken.  I've never seen her so sad.  She did really good though and got herself calmed down.  Everything was fine until Eric walked through the door and then Maggie was done with timeout.  So far, she hasn't needed to go back.

Look at that face!  Breaks your heart...not mine, but yours.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Amos and Maggie are growing up so fast.  Even though our days are sometimes very exhausting and difficult, I know I am going to miss them tremendously when they're all grown up.  I try to focus on all of the good/cute/smart/funny things the kids do, to make all of our days a little better.

So, for today, here are a few things I want to remember about the kids...

1. When he gets any kind of food for himself from the kitchen he ALWAYS gets a second banana, plate of goldfish, etc. for Maggie.  He doesn't share his food, but he makes sure she has her own.

2. He's started to play "airplane."  He spreads his arms and flies all over the place.

3. He watches a show called "Jungle Junction" with an elephant on it.  He calls all elephants "Junction."

4. He knows what kind of cars people drive.  Every blue Camry on the road is Meg and every silver Mitsubishi is Dada.

5. He sneaks food into his bedroom for nap time.  He hides food under his bed and then makes all kinds of messes with it while he's supposed to be sleeping.

6. His favorite phrase is "Let's go Aggie" (which means he's about to lead her off to get into trouble somewhere).

1. Is a kissing machine.  She loves to kiss her Mama, Dada, and babies.

2. She is an absolute Dada's girl.  She owns him.

3. She likes to dress like a Chippendale dancer (in only her diaper, with one accessory).

4. She loves the water.  She plays in the bath and shower for hours.

5. She loves Amos and would follow him anywhere.

Now, believe me, it is not all flowers and sunshine between these two, but when they are getting along, they are the best of friends. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Sausage Monday

I thought I'd start the week off right by sharing pictures of Boom Boom in her "Pink Sausage" outfit.

 For whatever reason her swimsuit is sooo tight (even though its a size bigger than usual), but she doesn't seem to mind.

Other good news for today-I went to the dentist this morning and no cavities!  That's a first in, oh, my whole life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Boom Boom

I like to call Maggie "Boom Boom" when she's sporting this look:
 She really hates clothes with the exception of hats and socks (because its winter!!!).  Anyway, last week while my parents were here I told my Dad I was a little surprised Maggie wasn't using more words yet.  He said, "she says all kinds of words, you just aren't listening."  Sure enough, the next day I heard lots of "new" words from Boom Boom.  My most favorite word (which I get to hear ALL the time) is "yucky."

Babies and Trucks

I finally got around to pulling out our Easter decorations today. I really wasn't going to do it, but not having anything out made me sad.  Eric got so embarrassed that the Valentine's Day decorations were still up that he took those down himself last weekend, so at least I had a blank slate to start with.

As I pulled out the decorations, Maggie yelled, "Babies!" and Amos yelled, "Truck!" and then I had nothing left to decorate with...

...they're bound to get bored with them at some point, and then I'll have my decorations back.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. George

Two years ago my parents and I took our first trip to St. George.  Amos was just a little guy and Maggie was a fetus.  (You can read about that trip here.)  We decided it was time for another trip, so we took our second trip this week.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures in St. George, and I am really sad I didn't get a picture of "The Pink Sausage" (Maggie in her swimsuit).  We'll almost certainly recreate that for the photo op someday next week...I am also really sad I didn't get any pictures of "The Pink Sausage" swimming, because she learned how to use floaties and she became the cutest human bobber ever.  Next time.  Next time.

What did I take pictures of you ask?  Our trip the park:
That's a wrap for this week. 

Silver Reef

During our visit to St. George we also checked out Silver Reef, UT.  Its a ghost town now, but it also houses some of the most amazing homes I've ever seen.  Nothing was open while we were there, so we mostly wandered around and enjoyed the nice weather.

Judging by the pictures I took, it also looks like we spent quite a while sitting on a bench.


Las Vegas

After Park City, we spent a night in Springville and then headed down to St. George.  The first thing we did in St. George was head to Las Vegas to meet my mom's sister, Sharon, and her husband, Verl.  They are part of our Minnesota People, and we were excited to see them.  Sharon and Verl, along with 300,000 other people were in town for the Nascar race, so it was a bit crowded.  That did not stop us from enjoying the sightseeing though.

We started out at the Flamingo hotel, where Verl treated us to a very delicious buffet lunch.  We all ate until we were sick, and then we headed to the dessert bar =)  Amos even managed to get his hands on some cotton candy, which then managed to get itself on his hands.

 Amos had his first ever public timeout during lunch.  He was so mad at me.  (Sharon took this picture, I was busy being stern).

After lunch we checked out the flamingos and the beautiful garden courtyard.

Best story: Maggie darted out in front of a stranger, and he thought she was a wild flamingo!  I can see the resemblance.

My mom and Sharon called their sister, Gin, on the phone to make sure she knew they were thinking of her:

Amos LOVED Verl on our trip to Minnesota, and now Maggie does too:

We were so glad to get to see Sharon and Verl and we hope we get to see them again soon (along with the rest of our Minnesota People).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Park City

Last weekend my parents came for a visit and we spent Friday night with them in Park City.  We stayed at the Peaks hotel (thought of you the whole time, Annie) and had a great time utilizing the indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub. 

Maggie really surprised all of us with her bravery in the water.  I didn't even put her swimsuit on her because I thought she would be in and out of the pool so fast it wouldn't be worth the effort.  Maggie was a little fish and happy as a clam in the water.

Amos also did well in the water, he's gotten really good at using the floaties.  Its nice to have him as a free agent.

After swimming, we headed back to our rooms for some Olympics watching and snuggling in bed.


Last week before my parents came I did my quarterly cleaning of the kitchen floor.  The quarterly cleaning is serious business: we're talking hands and knees scrubbing.  Maggie was taking a nap, so I set Amos up to watch "Cars" and I got to work.  Amos loves "Cars" so I figured I'd have plenty of uninterrupted time.  Not so.  After about 15 minutes Amos came wandering into the kitchen and said, "Mama, what are you doing there?"  Then he answered his own question, "Oh, soap" and ran off.

A few seconds later Amos came back with his bath soap and proceeded to squirt it out onto the kitchen floor.  Then he came over to the bucket and got a sponge and started to scrub.

Did it take me much longer to clean the floor than usual?  Yes.  Did I miss more spots than usual?  Yes.  Did I have way more fun that usual?  Yes.  It was so worth it to have his "help."

My favorite moment had to be when Amos leaned over too far into the bucket and got his head covered in suds.  Poor little guy.

The floor is already a mess again, but thinking about cleaning it with Amos makes me smile.

Snowman Family

I am back, and I've got blogs to post!  Woot.
Its been snowing around here a bit lately (nothing like the East coast, believe me), and Amos and Eric managed to scrounge up enough snow to build a little snowman family on our front porch.

 Amos loved building the "Dada," "Mama," "Amos," and "Aggie" snowpeople.  He would grab a handful of snow, tell us which one needed more snow, and then he'd pat it on.  He was so diligent about making sure we all looked just right.

At one point he accidentally squished "Aggie's" head down and he was so sad.  He fixed it right up though.

It sure feels good to be back and blogging again.  More to come!