Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Heber Creeper

In an effort to break my current blogging once a week habit here's a second post for this week!:

Last Saturday we took Amos (and Maggie) to ride on a train!  We kept it a secret until we got there, mostly because I didn't want him to get too anxious about it.  When we pulled up to the train depot and he saw all the trains, he was pretty excited.  My sister, Anna, was visiting, and came with us too.

While we waited to board the train we took a couple pictures:

Once on the train, Amos was pretty excited when we started to move.  After we'd been moving for a while I think he'd forget he was on a train, because every time our whistle would blow, he'd get excited all over again.

The kids loved having Nanny Anna with us:

We really liked the train, and I think it'll be an annual tradition, unless we can go more, and then we'll do that.


Laura Denner said...

Maggie looks so skeptical with Anna. What a look!

Laura Horne said...

Maggie is QUEEN of the dirty looks. It's awesome.

Anna Shaver said...

Ha! That picture of Maggie and me is awesome. She looks so excited to be sitting with me. And I am all squinty eyed... Oh well, the train was awesome! Thanks for letting me come.