Monday, February 15, 2010

3-Day Weekend

We had an adventure today!  After being so sick all weekend, I couldn't force Eric and the kids to stay inside with me for one more minute, so even though the weather was crummy, we headed up to Thanksgiving Point to check it out.  We've only been there to eat before, and we were pleasantly surprised by all the fun things for kids to do.

We started out at Farm Country, where my favorite thing ever happened:

That look Maggie gave the llama is priceless!  What she doesn't know is that it was her Dada's fault.

They have some miniature buildings for playing in, which include Miss Kitty's Dance Studio and a jail:

They also have a farm area where the kids can plant, harvest, and then send their food to market.  The kids loved it.  Amos was a huge fan of the conveyor belt truck that took his food to market.  He would drop his food off on the belt and then run to the other end to collect it again:





They even have pony rides at Farm Country, but neither of our kids were up for it =(

After Farm Country, we headed to the Dinosaur Museum.  It was too busy to take many pictures (which I am sure you're all grateful for at this point, if you're even still reading), so here's what I've got from the quarry:

Amos proved to be a sand thrower, which is no real surprise.

So, does one really long post make up for a week of not posting?  No?  Ok.  Fair enough.  No promises that I am going to get any better for the next little while though...


Nancy said...

What a great time! Hope Nana & Pop can go with you someday.

Anna Shaver said...

I have a dinosaur bone from Thanksgiving Point. We went there for my Geology class and got to go behind the scenes. It is pretty cool. Sad that I missed out.

Cynthia said...

Nancy said just what I was thinking.Looks like a great place for a fun afternoon. I didn't know you were sick. Hope you are feeling better. I won't be there for a couple more weeks.

Adam & Samantha said...

fun activity for the kids! staying inside for 3 days just isn't going to work with two little ones! feel better!

Anonymous said...

Maggie has her glare down already! I'm impressed!! And I think Amos looks SO cute in his little argyle sweater vest. Children's Place? Baby Gap?

Laura Horne said...

Good eye Annie, the sweater vest is Children's Place. Its part of his Christmas outfit. He wants to wear his church clothes everywhere. We usually have to talk him out of a tie???