Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You

Every night Eric asks me what my favorite part of my day was.  Here is last Monday's:

On Monday, while the kids and I were at the airport, I noticed two soldiers in uniform standing a short way up from us talking to one another.  I knew we'd be walking right past them, and I made up my mind that I was going to thank them for their service.  Its something my mother always does, but I have never been outgoing enough to do it myself.  As we approached the men, they turned to talk to Amos.  They couldn't have possibly made it any easier for me. 

I said to Amos, "Hey, can you tell those guys thank you?"

Without missing a beat Amos yelled, "THANK YOU!"

Amos is really good at "thank you."  My eyes watered up and I had to keep moving.  I realized right then that I really am so grateful for any and everyone who would lay down their life for this country so that my family is safe.  I am grateful for those who give up time with their family so that I can be with mine.  I know that moment meant a lot to me, and it is definitely going to stick with me.  I hope it doesn't stick with those soldiers though.  I hope they hear "thank you" so many times that they all start to run together.  I hope the little boy that yelled it at them in the Salt Lake City airport is just one of many they heard that day.


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Meg Shaver said...

Laura, that is sweet! And you are just like mom. (that's a good thing)
I never understood why mom always cried in those types of situations but now that I am older and understand I cry too! I am very grateful as well! Go Amos!