Sunday, January 3, 2010


In an effort to keep Eric from going crazy from being stuck at home with his family, we decided to go sledding at the park today.  We weren't entirely sure if there would be enough snow for sledding, so we didn't exactly dress the kids for snow activities.  They have great snow outfits, hats, and gloves, but they sure weren't wearing them.  Oops.

Amos has been sledding before, but this was the first time for Maggie.  The snow on the hill had transformed into more of an ice track, so it was some pretty speedy sledding.  Really, it was the first time on a bobsled track for all of us.

We only sent Maggie down by herself one time.  She wasn't too into it.  She seemed a lot smaller than Amos did last year.

I think Eric had a little pusher's remorse after he let Maggie go:

I was waiting for Maggie at the bottom on the hill, but she flew right by me.  She's a good sledder!

 Maggie liked sledding as a passenger much better:

Amos was a little hesitant at first, but he warmed up eventually (no pun intended).  He also liked being a passenger best.

I asked Amos to show me his face and this is what I got:

We had a great time, got some fresh air, and Dada didn't go crazy.  Maggie did get a runny nose though:


Adam & Samantha said...

sledding with toddlers, you're brave parents! very cute.

Stephanie said...

That looks like fun. We still need to take my little guy sledding. I know he would love it.

Bruce said...

Wish I was there.