Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Since getting home from Grammy and Grampy's Amos has learned how to open doors.  He has finally achieved the perfect combination of height and coordination to free himself.  Yesterday I put him down for his nap and then came downstairs to check my email.  It wasn't long before I heard a quiet movement in the hall.  I panicked for a second, until I realized it was Amos.  He snuck around the corner, and when we met eyes he looked like he thought he should be in trouble.

Fast forward to bedtime, and I found myself camped outside Amos' door waiting for him to try to sneak out.  Sure enough, after about one minute I saw the door crack open and a little head peeked around it.  I think the most incredible part of all of this is the sneaking.  He is a funny little sneaker, and frankly, he's pretty good at it.  He's so quiet, I never even heard the door open.

If I got a fortune cookie today, I am sure it would say this: "toddler proofing is in your immediate future."

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Meg Shaver said...

BAHAHAHAHA! I love that you camped out in front of his door! :D