Monday, January 18, 2010

Open Invitation

Hey all!  I just heard about a blogging conference in Park City this summer, and I am really thinking its something I'd like to do. 

Dates: June 24-26, 2010
Cost: $249 until 2/28 (then it goes up to $400)
Keynote speakers: 
Stephanie Nielson 
Stephanie Quilao 
Heather Spohr 

More info here.

I am always way more comfortable when I have a friend with me for these kinds of things, so who's going to come with me?  (We could split the hotel room!)


deveney said...

several things: first, thanks for noticing that i have lost weight! it hasn't been easy, but feels great. second, i am seriously considering coming for this comference, sounds like fun-need to talk to chis about it.thirdly, you totally look like you have lost weight too! what are you doing?? good work on whatever it is! miss you, come visit soon:)

deveney said...

and one more thing, i am astonished at your ability to be on top of it are already working on your 2009 blog book....remember how i haven't done my 2008 blog book yet?? you rock.

Laura Horne said...

Please, please, please come! It would be so much fun. All of those women would be so awesome to hear from.