Friday, January 29, 2010


A little update from photography class...I took the camera off of the "automatic" setting this week and practiced a bit on "manual." 

At first, it was not good:

But it got better:

And then I put it back on auto:

Thankfully, there's still three weeks of class left.


Andrea said...

you will get it. it takes some time. at least it did for me. . . and not i forget most of what i learned. lame.

Kelli said...

Thank goodness for automatic, right? There's so much to learn and it's amazing how much light you really need to make a good photo. You're a smart and creative lady, it'll come to you! How fun to take that class!

Laura Horne said...

Thanks girls...and don't worry Kelli, I am going to need your services for a loooong time.