Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Hot Dog at Costco

These pictures just showed up in my inbox, and I couldn't resist sharing. 

The kids and I take a monthly trip to Costco where we meet Eric for lunch.  Usually, Amos and Maggie share a hot dog or a piece of pizza.  On this particular day though, as I was tearing off little bite sized pieces for Maggie, she grabbed the entire hot dog and had at it.  She ate the WHOLE hot dog by herself.  Thankfully, we had Eric's iphone with us to document the whole thing.  I swear that hot dog was as big as she was:

She got embarrassed when the table of firefighters next to us noticed her accomplishment and started to watch her:

That's my girl! 

And, yes, I know I look pretty.  No make-up post workout is a very good look for me.  You all just be glad I worked out.


Kris said...

LAURA -- I was going to say for real that I thought you looked great! I'm totally serious!

Laura Horne said...

Oh, Kris. You are too nice.

Anonymous said...

No, I was going to say that, too, you skinny Mini! Way to go!!

Cute pictures of Maggie - you go girl. That's impressive! :)

Anna Shaver said...

I actually thought the same thing. I thought you looked really good.