Monday, January 4, 2010

Front and Back

I'm finally making some headway through all of the pictures I took over Christmas.  It is such a pain to sort, label, and store them (digitally speaking).  Anyway, I found these pictures of Maggie and thought it was pretty classic Maggie...

A nice, sweet girl looking at a Christmas tree from the back:

And then from the front, she's got some toy sticking out of her mouth.  Classy girl:

If we zoomed in, I'm sure we'd see some drool.  Have I ever told you that Eric had a drooling problem as a child?  Legend has it he would get too busy playing and forget to swallow, which led to drooling. 

Note: the pictures were a little dark, so I lightened them up so you could see them better.  Yes, the colors are weird, but you can see them.