Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheese. Seriously, cheese.

Yesterday I was photographing a project I've been working on for The Charmed Home next Monday, and Amos wouldn't stop yelling, "Cheese!" at me.  I thought he was hungy, so I got him a string cheese out of the fridge.  He got really mad and kept yelling "Cheese!" 

Eventually I figured out he wanted me to take his picture.  Its no wonder, really, I mean, look how awesome he looks:

Then, he yelled at me some more until I took a picture of his tongue??? 

I've got a little character on my hands.


Bruce said...

It appears to me with subject matter like this you are heading to the top of your photography class.K

Nancy said...

Amos looks great! I love that little guy!

Anna Shaver said...

Seriously, you'll be able to get some awesome pictures. I love that kid!