Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Hearts The Hornes

Santa made an early delivery to our house yesterday, and we are so excited!  I had to work on my talk last night, so I wasn't allowed to play with our new toy, but today after church I cut loose...

Can you guess what we got?

Yep!  A new camera. 

I cannot believe what a good feeling it is to know we'll be able to capture all of our good memories. I took 115 pictures in about 10 minutes today.  I may have to pace myself.  Nan and Pop claim this is a selfish gift because they want more pictures of Amos and Maggie.  I don't care what their motivations were, we love it!

Now for some photography skills to go with our camera...I will be signing up for the next available photography class.  Thanks Nan and Pop!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting. I am hoping that we will get a camera from Santa since mine got ran over by Denise's car in October.