Thursday, December 31, 2009

No More Paying Attention

No, not really.  Truthfully, I think that I am far from finished with my 2009 New Year's Resolution to pay attention.  So, during 2010 I am going to keep paying attention, but I am going to add in challenging myself

Challenging myself is broad and ambigious, so I am going to commit to some specifics:

1. Learn to cook better.  Poor Eric really needs me to pull through on this one, and I would like to become more confident in the kitchen.  We could use some more variety, and definitely a higher quality.

2. Build better relationships.  I get serious anxiety about making new friends and trying new things.  This year I would like to do both.  I tend to be selfish and self-involved, which leaves me in a very comfortable place, but a very boring place.   

3.  Focus The Charmed Home.  I love blogging, and starting a second blog is hard work and a little embarrassing.  Its hard for me to put my ideas out there to be judged, but to be that best I can, I know that exactly what I need to do.  Expect to see The Charmed Home grow this year.

So, there's the start of Me Challenged in 2010.  The beauty of broad resolutions is that you can add to them so easily as you need to throughout the year.  Woot.

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