Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If presents under the tree are magical to children, sleeping children are magical to mommies.  Today I caught not one, but both of my kids asleep.  They are such angels when they are unconscious.

Even though he has a nice bed to sleep in, Amos chooses to sleep on the floor in front of his door ALL THE TIME.  We are constantly putting him back in his bed, just to have him get back out a second later.  Today, I had to nudge him with the door to get it open wide enough so I could sneak the camera in to snap a picture.  I can't believe he stayed asleep.

As you can see, Amos moves the entire contents of his room to the floor before he takes a nap.  At least he looks cozy with his bears and his blankies. 

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M,W, and CJ said...

Cecily does the EXACT same thing. When she first started doing it I had to remind myself to GENTLY open the door because I smacked her with it (once in the head) on more than one occasion. Glad to know my kid is normal :)